The Dog Park Blues


Dog park people are weird – there, I said it!

Mr Cruisey and I decided to take The Moose to the dog park the other day.  When Moose was a puppy, we took him to some a few times and he liked it but didn’t really love it.  I would take him during the day when not many people were there and then he could go and do dog stuff – sniff, crap, pee, sniff………and I would most often avoid peak times.

Sometimes I find dogs like babies.  I don’t mind looking at them but I’m not gonna go all ‘coochy coo’ all over them ya know?  And let’s be honest, not all babies are pretty – same applies to dogs.  At least with a baby you can say nice eyes, with a dog well, what do you say and how do you get ‘that’ look off your face?  So, back to the story.

Mr Cruisey and I rock up with The Moose.  It’s 5.15pm and it’s a fairly small dog park and it is loaded with dogs the size of The Mooses’s head.  Now I understand when you see a 50kg Mastiff coming towards you, you may crap just a little however, seeing as it is a dog park, you would assume that we would have a certain amount of control over the Mastiff or else we wouldn’t let the 50kg slobber beast loose in the dog park.  From the looks we got from the dog park folk, they may have assumed that we don’t have control over the 50kg slobber beast or even worse, maybe we didn’t belong.  The Moose kinda became The Elephant in the Park.  Mr Cruisey and I didn’t engage in any conversation with the dog park folk.  We were shunned to the end of the park.  The Moose tried to talk to the little fluffy things but they would have no part in said dog speak so The Moose did what The Moose does best, he shook his head vigorously and spread his slobber far and wide and high tailed it outta there – and so did we!

So I don’t think we shall be returning to the dog park anytime soon!

At least The Moose didn’t do this……..


All hail The Moose:




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