It’s Time for an Intervention


So, there was an intervention yesterday.

An intervention between two 12-year-old boys.

Yes you read that right, two 12-year-old boys.

Why you ask?

Well because they were acting like bloody girls that’s why!

Over the past few weeks, there has been a storm a brewing between Moomoo and his mate that he has had since Day Care.  Words have been said, txts have been sent, Instagram had lost followers, the world has ended a few times.  There have been tears, yelling, fighting, a whole hormonal shit storm has entered both houses.  They would make up then break up and honestly, I couldn’t keep up.  It really started impacting both families and it went full tilt shit storm yesterday morning.

It started like your usual day.  ‘Boys, get up, get showered, get your lunch, where’s your hat….’ you know, that old chest nut.(here is a previous post I did about that and then I decided to have a look at his txts (yes I read his txts, I also check his Instagram and messages, how else am I going to keep ahead of the game?)

Well, that is right about when shit did hit the fan!  Moomoo and his mate were having a txt war the other night.  We were aware of it and we shut it down…….or so I thought!  That turned out to not be the case.  My darling sweet little devil in disguise angel had actually started a bit of cyber bullying.  I was mortified!  We didn’t bring up this kid to do that! Yelling ensued and all out war broke out between the child and I.  Moomoo would not accept responsibility for his actions.  The tears flowed, the yelling continued, the guilt set in (yes from me) it was on like Donkey Kong. I could not believe that the war between the two was still on and from what I could see, Moomoo was the instigator – m o r t i f i e d!

So…… after the dust settled and the tears abated, I dropped them at school.  It was a shit crap morning and I’d had enough.  Enough of this ridiculous bitch fight between the two so I decided that an intervention was needed.  Now seeing as it would have been frowned upon to put them in a ring Gladiator style (damn political correctness), sitting them down and having a conversation with them was the next best thing.  The Mothers came up with a plan.  I was taking Moomoo over that afternoon and they were going to work it out!

5.00pm hits.  I leave work, get home, tell Moomoo to get in the car and come to the shop with me.  He’s smart this one, as we’re driving he’s like, ‘Why did you want me to come with you?’, ‘What are we getting at the shop?’, ‘ WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE!’ ….as we pull up at the mates place…..and he sees his mate walking across the road and as his mate sees us pull into his driveway there was the same look on his face as there was on Moomoos – Panic, sheer panic (sheer brilliance I’m thinking!)

Up we go, sit them down and lay it out.  Sitting in between two sullen boys, telling them how ridiculous this fight is and how we don’t care if they are friends or not but just letting them know in calm and rational voices (yeah, it was a struggle) that THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP!  There was a bit of staring and then a few words got mumbled then Moomoo admitting that he kinda started it and then apologies made and then we sent them to Fight Club downstairs to go and chat, sort it out and see what happens.

Off they went reluctantly for their 5 minute talk, that turned into a 25 minute hang out session that included apologies, chatting, gaming and finally and end to the war.

For the moment………(and I’m pretty sure they don’t ever want to be sat down like that again!)

Any wars at your house?


  Sorry………but this is hilarious……


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2 Responses to It’s Time for an Intervention

  1. Dawn Rogers says:

    That is the way all things should be sorted Talk about it. Maybe me telling you about being grabbed by the ear and told to sort it, when I was growing up rubbed on to you Charmaine He’s a good boy He will b ok xxx


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