Inter School Sport (Only Winners Please!)

Today, Moomoo found out he didn’t make the school team for Rugby League.

Look, let’s be honest, he is not the best player out there.  In fact, when he didn’t get in last year, he laughed.  But this year, he was keen.

He’s played Interschool soccer for 2 years and played a season of Rugby Union and decided to try out for the team.  It’s his last year in school so why not.  Unlike Monekyboy who is good at most thing’s he tries, Moomoo is more like Bella from Twilight – you know, co-ordination not being the best at all times however, he gives it a red-hot go!  He showed at all of the training sessions, he talked about it non stop, the boys were on his side but then she gave him the news, ‘Sorry mate, you’re not in the team.’

Now, here’s where it gets a bit ranting.  As I said, not the best player out there HOWEVER, the teacher had told all of the other boys 2 WEEKS AGO that they were on the team.  2 WEEKS AGO!!!!!!  At this time, she told Moomoo that there is 1 spot left and it is between him and another boy.  So for 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT these 2 boys didn’t know if they were in the team.  As I said, he kept going to all of the training sessions to try to impress the teacher and get on the team.  Everyday he would come home and say she should tell me tomorrow.  He even told me that he kept asking her and she said ‘Well you’re probably on it as you keep asking me’.  Bitch, WTF? Do you have kids? Or have you done one too many triathlons that your brain is melting?  You can’t say that to a kid and then rip his heart out and stomp on it like WTF?  She must have known 2 WEEKS AGO that he was not good enough.

Oh and to top it off, Moomoo said ‘oh well,if I don’t get in, I’ll try out for Flag Tag.’  So today when she ripped his heart out, stomped on it and made him cry, he went to see if he could try out for Flag Tag but they already have the team – Bitch!  So, not only has he missed out on Rugby League, he’s missed out on Flag Tag – thanks lady, well done!

As stated earlier, Moomoo may not be the best at sport however, he does give it a red-hot go.  I also understand that they want winners on the team so they can get the coveted trophy at the end of the season – oh hang on, there isn’t a trophy.  That’s right, there isn’t even a bloody trophy!  Oh but there is the accolades that will live on and on and no one will really give a shit about but a least there will be some back slapping in the class room.


He might not have gotten in the team but he sure can shred on a board!


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