He Made It!!!!


Yep, Moomoo made it.  Last ever Year 7’s in Primary School in Queensland.  He made history.  There’s been some great teachers (ie very very patient),  he’s made some great friends and he has come out fairly unscathed….. well I think.  Today’s ceremony got me thinking about my fond memories from Primary school…….(High School memories are for another post…….)

Like the school dentist.  And the fear in the kid’s eyes when their name got called up to go to the butcher dentist.  And walking to school in the rain and then having wet cold feet all day.  And of moving schools and not just to the next town, to the whole new country and being the new kids and doing remedial classes and making new friends.  And that time my friend Ginny and I got the ball for the boys out of the drain by lifting the steel grate up and then dropping that steel grate on my toe and a teacher carrying me to the office and sticking cotton wool straight on to the blood dripping gaping wound! Seriously! How much do you reckon that stuck!!! To this day my toe nail is manky!  And that time that I fell off the monkey bars into a puddle of water and I had to get my brother out of his swimming class to walk me home to change clothes cause it looked like I crapped myself.  And of moving schools again and having a monumental melt down in front of the class – oh man, that was up there as one of the finest moment’s of my life…………but seriously, along the way, I remember the teachers that stood out to me.  That taught me, nurtured me, helped me and guided me.  The teachers that help shape young minds and still like doing it (cause trust me, ain’t no job I’d want!).  It is the teachers that you remember most fondly at the end of the day.

So I hope that my Moomoo did have a great Primary School experience and no doubt one day, I will actually get to hear about it.  So, enjoy some photos for now….




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