But It’s Scary Out There….


So, I don’t know what happened.  I took a bit of time off from the blog and then well, I couldn’t get back into it and then well, I lost my mojo and got scared.  I think scared is the right word but well why?  I’m not even sure why?  It’s weird ya know.  This is my thing, it makes me happy but well, when the mojo went out the door, it stayed out the door for a bit too long.  So now, it is coming to the end of the year and I figure, the hiatus must end!  The end is nigh.  I don’t know about you, but we have had a bit of a crap arse year.  Shit’s been flying around from day 1 of 2014 so 2o14, just fark right off alright!

So here’s the plan.  I’m going to just have a little play around with things here at Its Not Just Me Right and get my shit in a pile.  So while I do that, I am going to do a few reposts.  I’ll do some reposts and get my mojo back into the swing of things so, thanks for hanging in there peeps, I promise, new material is a comin!

Anyway, he is a repost from 3 long years ago – Enjoy!!!


As I start out this blog, I have a horrible feeling that it is going to go in a direction that one should never go in, and that is that maybe, just maybe, our parents got it right?

I am from Generation X – proudly a Gen Xer.  When we arrived in Brisbane, Indooroopilly Shopping Town was still one level, the Eldorado was a one cinema, pull seat down theatre.  And like those ‘Like if you did this and this when you were a kid’ things on FB, we did all of those thing’s as kids growing up in Bris Vegas.  So now that we are parents, what’s happened?

Gen Xers are cool right so we should be cool with our kids but something has happened….

Apparently, bubble wrap and cotton wool sales have gone up.  This is because apparently there are more vultures around than there ever, ever has been ever, there is more traffic, more stress, more this, more that, this is the most that any of these thing’s have ever, ever been around – I swear!  Really, surely, no other generation had it tough like us – right?

So we better lock up our kids cause it’s not safe – no siree it ain’t safe out there!

There are so many experts out there to give us advice on how to handle this parental gig – they are all correct because they have a lot of letters following their name.  There’s courses, online help, books – everywhere you look there’s expert help – geez lucky for us because if we use our common sense, we might get it wrong and then who can we blame then?

I remember a couple of times, Dawn dropped us off at the Eldorado.  We saw ‘You Can’t Stop The Music’ and the ‘Kiss Movie’ – I know, jealous much! and she would pick us up when the movie was done.  I point this out because, I happened to be around the 9, 10 mark?  Of course, we were with older cousins (Um I think) but my point being, this is exactly the age that Moomoo and Monkeyboy are now so I think I better start loosening the aprons strings more. ( Yes Dawn, I know you have said that I need to relax more – this is not, I repeat not,  an admission that you may be right!)

Moomoo likes to walk, scooter or skateboard around the neighbourhood.  The first time he wanted to do this, we were actually at Dawns and I was kind of well a little freaked and then Dawn reassured me that ‘he will be fine’.  I gave him my phone and said ‘Go forth and explore my son’ in a very dramatic way (you know this is not true hey).  He went to the park, he went skating around the streets he just went off – he had a ball – I know this because he rang me about 6 times to tell me where he was – I actually said to him that he could stop ringing and only ring if he wants to.

Yes, today’s world is a very different place from when we grew up however, we need to let kids go out and be kids and explore things.  We need to release the apron strings.  Look, we have GPS trackers in our phones.  If you are really worried about your kid that much, just think, you could probably get them micro chipped so we could track them all the time – there might be some vets that are willing to do bundles – dog, cat, kid – no ear tattoo thanks, that might be frowned upon!

So, I am going to practice what I preach and let them live a little and stress a little less.  And Dawn, I reckon you did an alright job – that’s all ya gonna get X


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  1. welcome home! 🙂


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