The Clicks

I saw a post on Facey the other day from a friend who’s little one has just started Prep.  She commented that all the parents seemed to have their own clicks and she was feeling a bit sad.  Don’t.  Seriously, Don’t.  She is in the best position for not being in a click as she can sit back and suss it all out.

You see this folks, school for parents is a battlefield.  There is so much going on and if you don’t read the signs right, you could end up in some really bad situations.  So here’s a quick guide….

Beware of the ‘Let’s get Physical’ crew.  They are the Lorna Jane, Yoga Pant wearing Mums.  They will most likely be talking about what classes they went to that day and what classes they will be going to for the rest of the week.  They may or may not have designer toddlers with them.  If so, they will also be talking about what classes they will be going to that week and when the child minding hours are at the gym and if they clash with said classes.

Beware the ‘I Know Everything You Need To Know About The School’ Mum.  She will come across as helpful because she can give you information about the school and the teachers and who is good and who is bad and all of the upcoming events and where everything is and then you just want her to Shut Up – Stop Talking.  She is probably on her last kid at Primary School therefore she thinks she is the best authority on all things school like.  This is one to avoid but you will find that you see her everywhere.  She’s kinda like ‘That Dude’ – you know, That Dude you see everywhere……

Beware of ‘The Mean Girls’.  Yeah, you know who they are, they just had kids and are still Mean Girls.  They will have designer toddlers with them and those designer toddlers are the ones playing on all the equipment and being ferals while waiting for their siblings while The Mean Girls are to busy being Mean Girls to notice of care that their designer toddlers are really designer ferals.

Beware of the ‘P & C’ Mum.  Not to be confused with the ‘I Know Everything You Need To Know About The School’ Mum, this Mum really does kinda know everything about the school.  She runs the raffles, she runs the fete.  She brings in box loads of paper and boxes for box construction (yeah, box construction – boxes with glue and paint and crap that you have to keep for at least a fortnight before they can be thrown out – bloody box construction).  She is the one that get’s all the parents to volunteer for at least one thing.  She is always the class communicator and has all of the parents emails and sends out emails and well, you’ll get to meet her…..that is one you can’t avoid……She Is Everywhere….you cannot hide from her……..

And these are just a few examples.  There are more out there.  So good luck, go forth and explore………

You know what, school pick ups kinda suck.  It’s a bit like High School all over again but just like High School, you find your click and just like High School, it doesn’t last forever.

And this is what the kids be doin….


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