Fifty Shades….The Movie Review….

Yep, I did it.  And I’m just going to say straight up……I didn’t hate it…..unlike the book…which I previously bagged out blogged about…see here:

And just like the book, the movie has got the world talking.  Haters be hatin, lovers be loving….

When I read the book, I couldn’t really picture what the characters looked like (I mean, they weren’t Bella and Edward oh wait…..) and to be honest, I liked who they chose for the leads.  I mean they both had rocking bodies.  He was sculptured just right and there was one fleeting scene of his manhood – ok, the top of his manhood, ok it’s a stretch to say there was a manhood shot….She did just the right amount of lip biting, cutesy come hither, innocent looks, her Inner Goddess got a look in and the girls certainly were on show…a lot….. and the dynamics worked.  But hasn’t it got everyone’s knickers in a knot.

There have been some scathing reviews.  One in particular by Australian journalist Lisa Wilkinson well……she just ripped the movie a new one – and we hadn’t even gotten to the butt plugs.  Here, check out her review:

So……although she has some valid points and I think the review is a bit of a cracker, the biggest issue I have with this review is when she talks about it being ‘domestic violence dressed up as erotica’ well………..that just shits me.  If this is domestic violence, well it’s different to the domestic violence I experienced.  All through this movie/book the intention was always clearly stated wasn’t it.  I mean, he showed her what he was into before the even broke the Inner Goddess!  The stalker element?  Ummm haven’t we all kinda showed up somewhere knowing that that person that gets your Inner Goddess going will be there (or am I a stalker in a previous life….oh wait, yes, I did have to chase Mr Cruisey…oh wait…).  Haven’t we all lost our minds for someone? So yeah, when she talks about domestic violence….I’m just not seeing it. Oh and by the way…..It’s a movie.  If you didn’t like it, walk out!!!  And like my sister in law movie partner in crime pointed out, ah how’s about 9 1/2 Weeks and well, any Mikey Rourke movie prior to his love of plastic surgery.

So chillax peeps.  I’m pretty sure if you’re going to see the movie, you kinda know what it’s about so grab yourself a new waffle cone choc top, upgrade to the flash seats and enjoy the ride.


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3 Responses to Fifty Shades….The Movie Review….

  1. I’ve read a few rants on 50 SOG and I love this. You said it all, don’t like it, walk out. Some people just can’t tell shit from clay when they go on about it being abuse. Since when has consensual sex been abuse? Anyway I tweeted it.


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