WTF Lego!!!

So Lego, you know we’ve always been a fan.  Mr Cruisey and I have spent lots and I mean lots of money on you.  We got City Scapes, Rockets, Space Shuttles, Cars, Bikes, man, we got the works.   We got Lego people, Lego dogs, Lego trees we got Lego coming out of our ears well, not so much anymore.  Now it is tucked away in depths of the cupboard in plastic containers, a distant memory for the pre teens a ‘Oh I remember playing with Lego when I was a kid’ kinda memory…… A sign of their childhood is drawing to a close……

So when my neecee wanted Lego for her birthday, she gets Lego for her birthday.  But something has happened.  When did it go from this….. (Insert advertisement from 1981)…

to this??????

And so you can imagine that there was no way I was getting these weirded out looking Lego She Girls – What’s doing with those legs?  That aint right!  Lego friends pfft! So I went looking for a Lego set that had a Lego She Girl  in it………

And all I could find was this…




Yup, she’s a bank robber, a criminal….seriously…a criminal.  I don’t know what has gone on at Lego HQ.  When did the R & D Team come up cracker?  Were they having a lunch meeting at the Pub and thought, hey man, how’s about we do this.  Probably after someone said, hey man, how’s about we do this….Jager…..  And then there was probably a Jager induced story along the lines of….

‘Righto so we need a new line, something with a Lego She Girl in it’

‘Well we can’t really do Housewife Lego She Girl, or can we?’

‘Stay At Home Mum Lego She Girl?  Anyone?’

‘Can’t do Gold Digger Lego She Girl, that may upset a few people’

‘How about we do Bank Robber Lego She Girl?’  Winning!

Geez, Lego makers, Jager just pretends to give you good ideas at the time…

However, my neecee loves it so i will let you off the hook crazy Lego makers………….



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4 Responses to WTF Lego!!!

  1. No matter how much leggo you pack away, you always manage to find a piece with your bare feet on the way to the loo in the dark.


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