Lean Teen Eating Machine…..

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Man……ain’t that the truth!
Having a Lean Teen Eating Machine has made me realize that there is actually stages of eating.
Stage 1 – Babydom and Toddlerdom
Babies survive on milk (formula or breast whatever works) and water for a while and then we slowly introduce foods right – solids.  Whether you puree steak dinners or open a tin, jar or packet, introducing food is the key.  Filling the babies belly is all that matters.  And this goes on all day……all day….if they’re not sleeping, they’re eating, or crapping (note: also when the gagging starts whilst changing nappies – don’t say I didn’t warn you). It’s kinda small amounts and the shopping bill doesn’t really go up too much and a bit of wastage is ok.
Stage 2 – Primary School kids – School lunch
School lunches just suck.  Whether you make and bake or buy lots of packets – they suck – they just suck!  That’s all I’m going to say about that.
Stage 3 – Teens…..
So, referring to the above statement, sorting out school lunches for High School kids suck big ones in a major way!  We seem to go the battle in the morning.  ‘What have you got for lunch?’ ‘Do you have enough lunch?’ ‘ No you cannot have tuckshop everyday’ so as far as I can tell, I could pack bucket loads of food or very little food and this will not effect what actually happens when they get home from school and into the evening…..this is when it begins.  The endless, endless grazing.  And the ‘there’s nothing to eat in this house’ or ‘there’s nothing good to eat in this house’ and then they have the same sized serving as their father and half an hour later they are in the fridge or the cupboard and they are like a big worm – constant!!!  The shopping bill is going to kill us when they are both teens let me tell ya!!!! On and On it goes…
So newbie parents, when you are going through the stage of trying to figure out what to feed the baby, rest assured the little servings that you are giving them and the little wasteage there might be when they spit it out of don’t like it, that ain’t nothing!  Wait until they become the Lean Teen Eating Machines….

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5 Responses to Lean Teen Eating Machine…..

  1. What a great post. I was a fifteen weetbix a morning boy for a while. 🙂


    • Wwhhaaattt! It’s funny?, most men I talk to tell me they are amazed they didn’t send their parents broke….no encouraging. And as I’m typing the teen is eating baked beans…dinner round 2!

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      • Hollow legs syndrome. Can’t fill them up at all. When I was 12 we were living on bugger all outside of Everton park in Brisbane. My school lunch consisted of a baked bean sandwich and an apple. So at little and big lunch I’d sit next to the bin under the school and grab lunches that were thrown away by other kids. Some I intercepted others I dug from the bin. I had some great lunches.
        Just keep feeding the lad. 🙂


      • Sad yet beautuful life story you have Laurie.
        I have the other one not far behind too….. 2 teens. ..oh dear…..

        Liked by 1 person

      • My thoughts are with you for the next few, tumultuous years. 🙂


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