Girls Night Out.

May and June were big months for partying with varying results.  Some not bad…..some well………

It started in early May when we went to see Alt J.  They played at The Riverstage – an awesome outdoor venue in Bris Vegas.  There was Mr Cruisey, Mr & Mrs Silby and the
Bestie.  Now, this was the Besties first night out post baby and it was her birthday and this gig was a year in the making so we were a little (ALOT) excited.  Excited enough to plan on smuggling vodka into the gig and excited enough to hit up the Jagermeister with vodkas for warm ups…….and that ended up being a not so great decision for yours truly.  See when you’re excited, you can sometimes think you are invincible.  Jager and I started out as friends, then it decided to kick my arse and let me know who was boss.   10 000 people at a gig. 1 super drunk short person who lost her legs, needed to be carried out…..yep, that was I!  And in public….oh the shame.

And then last Saturday, another gig with Mrs Silby.  Just the two of us.  Just a couple of warm up drinks at home……..and then more. A.lot.more.drinks….  And do you think any lesson was learnt form the previous gig……………..well, at least I didn’t get carried out!

You see, this is what happens.  When the girls get to go out, it is super exciting.  I don’t care if you are 8 or 80.  If you are going out with the girls, a good time shall be had by all.  And it’s even better when you know you no longer have to shave the legs or the pits or do your nails or get a spray tan or do whatever it is that the singles do.  So there is always the warm up drinks and we justify that with ‘the price of drinks these days’ but really, it’s excitement…..and then it’s look out – we are out for a night on the town.  And we’re trying not to look at the youngins and think silly things like ‘oh dear, that’ll be mine in 3 years time’ or ‘if he brings anything like that home, she ain’t getting in the door’ or ‘man, I’m too old for this shit’……..but on we go.

And then, it hits leaving time.  You know this because you are either a) well shit faced or b) falling asleep or c) both and it seems that the only thing that hasn’t changed since the days you were going out a lot more until now, are the taxi cues.  The horrible wait at the taxi line, under the bright unforgiving, wrinkle showing light, the bloody taxi lines.

But, once home, you analyse the night, realize how super awesome it was, try on a few sexy moves, pass out, try not to toss your bikkies and wake up with an almighty mofo of a hangover, suffer all day and swear off drinking forever.


#neverdrinkingagain…….yeah, that old chestnut!


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