Someone Yells at a kid… shuts down…..

Social media had a little blow up over this café owner who…(shock horror) yelled at a customer…..ok….the customer was like ….a  toddler….but technicalities …and besides, the article asked what do I think……well strap in folks, here goes:

I am a mother.  I am a hospitality worker.

So, as a mother, I don’t really want anyone yelling at my kids.  And although the boys are now teens, I reckon in my sleep deprived fun-filled toddler years, if someone were to yell at them, I would have unleashed on them.  Now that the boys are teens, it also reminds me of the tantrums they would throw as a toddler, because right now – teen vs toddler = same beast!  And when the toddlers had a ie in public, well it sucked.  It sucked big time but man, everyone goes through it at some point with a toddler.  A 40 Minute tantrum – well fuck me Ma and Pa, you let the toddler have a 40 Minute tantram, you are idiots!  And at a café, again, idiots.

As a hospitality worker – that shit would have driven me insane.  As a 20 year veteran in hospitality, I have had my fair share of dealing with lots of different personalities.  As a hospitality worker in the corporate world well – corporates vs toddler = same beast at times.  At  least when I am dealing with a strong personality, generally they can talk and reason with me (and I will get a tip!), toddler and toddlers parents, no reasoning there…..  So you have a café full of people.  You have orders coming at you, you have noise and you have a screaming toddler – FOR 40 MINUTES.!  How the workers didn’t lose it after 20 minutes is a testament to them – 40 Minutes (ok I am not getting my heard around that clearly!)

So kidpsot article, you asked my opinion.  Although the café owner may seem a little nuts in the interview, I think she is right.  It is well within her rights to let loose.  It’s her place of business so she is the one that will cop the consequences – good, bad, indifferent.  As the article states, the kid stopped the tantie after the yelling from the owner so really, the only damage done is to the parents bruised egos I reckon.  40 minutes – fuck me!

To be honest, I want to know if the toddler got the pancakes or not?

This kid got his pancakes!


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2 Responses to Someone Yells at a kid… shuts down…..

  1. Aside from the oddly creepy fact that we all have opinions about this incident that almost none of us was witness to… I gotta say, if my kid were temper tantruming for 5 minutes in a cafe, I would have taken him/her out of there and dealt with it in the parking lot. Then again, my kids only throw tantrums at home, which is really foolish of them. I don’t think they realize the benefits of having witnesses.


    • I know – 40 minutes – very tolerant or just plain silly parents! Now that the boys are older, I get to embarrass them in public if they even try to act up! Oh the power…..!!!!


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