And That’s a Wrap!

Yep….schools out.  Well it’s officially over on Friday but well, ‘no – one goes on the last day Mum’ (Man, remember when we had to go to the last day of school.  We’d have to chalk the blackboard then wipe it off – um why?  Then belt the dusters, wipe over everything to try to get the school stink out – the stink never, ever leaves……)

Primary school is over for child number 2.  That’s it. That’s a wrap.  They both hit High School next year (after a very, very, very long 6 weeks of school holidays…..awesome!)

And today, we had the graduation ceremony.  It was a little emotional, there were lots of speeches and lots of awards and whilst it would have been nice, there were no special awards for Monkeyboy……probably didn’t help that he didn’t really exert himself very much but hey, he got through.  The kids that did exert themselves and do more than just show up had me imagining their parents face book posts being a little different from mine but again, at least he got through, they both got through and as a lot of people were saying today, they really are the best days of your life (unless you had a crap time, then no, they weren’t….but hey, kids suck sometimes). So I hope the boys really did have the time of their lives at school because shiz is about to get real next year – Monkeyboys first year at High School, Moomoo getting a job – real world stuff – and a bunch of memories that they can take with them.  Thanks for having them Jindalee State School!!!

So here you go, have a look at some graduation pictures!


Oh, I hear you asking……….what happened to his leg……well read on folks…………………..

Monkeyboy has had to spend the last 2 weeks at school on crutches.  Why??? Well because he……wait for it……fell though a window.  How you ask?  Well…..doing stupid boy shit would be my first answer.  Doing stupid boy shit is my second answer.  Anyway, he stands on a window fram, slips, falls through, lots of cuts and blood….so much blood….gaping wounds and the end result……2 night stay in hospital, surgery, 40% slice to the achilles tendon, 70% laceration to the muscle on same foot, no nerve damage and lots of cuts and stiches.  Here, take a look….. (warning, graphic material…..)

20151129_215959        20151129_212858[1]          20151129_215831

See! Gross..!!  6 weeks in a cast, then onto a moon boot and physio….awesome….yes, that’s correct……

Amount of time in cast & moon boot = length of school holidays!!!

Bring it….




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