You’re Grounded!

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Yep, the teen got himself grounded.  But more than that, he lost his phone.  It was like losing a limb…….it was the best thing ever!

I remember getting grounded as a kid.  It sucked so bad.  My parents really stuck to their guns to – there was no getting out of it until they said so!  And if I whinged about it, man, that just made it worse!  I missed out on so many parties and all sorts of shinanagans as a teen (I did get better at lying and did make up for lost time however……)

But anyway, the tide has turned…….and guess what………. it still sucks!  Dawn thinks it hysterical.  What the teen did to get grounded…..well lets just say, it’s stuff that Dawn has seen before…….. and ain’t Karma a biartch!

But what sucks about groundings…….Well, the whole bloody family has to suffer don’t they – IT SUCKS BALLS!  With the grounding comes the sooking and the whinging and the teen thinking that negotiations are on the table and sulking and denial and sulking, sulking, sulking……..and then they actually get it.  In their teeny tiny teenage brain, they actually get to a point where the realize, oh, I farked up.  I better cop this or I ain’t ever getting outta here. I’m still going to sulk because, well man, I’m a teen but, yeah, did the crime, do the time.

So he’s off the grounding, with plenty of rules to follow and he’s also got a brand new phone!  You see, although he was doing stupid teenage shit, there was some stupid silly shit on his phone to so he lost his smart phone and now has a………..Old School Not Smart Phone!  He was so excited to get this.  He said – ‘seriously Mum and Dad, this is going to far’….oh no fair child, this is what you get when your teeny tiny teenage brain makes really stupid teeny tiny teenage decisions!  So……Parents 1, Teen 0 – game on!

Disclaimer:  I am under no delusions that the teen with his teeny tiny teen brain won’t mess up again and get grounded…….at least I have time to come up with some more punishments…….



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