That Moment.

Bloody teens.

Today, the beautifully, frustrating teen beast, broke my heart.  It was without intention, completely within the realms of normal in the teen world and sad to say, not the last time it will happen.  Really, this is about me.  This is about me understanding the workings of teens.

You see, it used to be that we could go to the skate park with him.  Didn’t matter if his friends were there, we could kinda hang on the fringes and be cool ya know.  Me, Mr Cruisey, The Moose, we could just hang and watch and I’d like be cool when he stacked it – well lets say I didn’t run over to rescue him when I really wanted to because well, not cool man!  But we could see his progression and just hang.

Today, we went to the skate park with Benson.  Mr Cruisey, Benson and I rocked up and he was there with his mates.  We got introduced to one of them, the other we already know, ‘hellos’ and ‘how you going’ were said and all was cool.  So we just chilled for a bit. watched the lads doing tricks, introducing Benson to the sounds of the skate park.

And then it happened……….we overstayed.  Well to be more specific, I overstayed.  It started out with a few daggers being thrown my way.  I tried conversation but the looks were getting more fierce and then I go it……..I got the …….. ‘What are you doing here’ question.

And that’s when it happened.  That’s when my heart broke a little.  To be fair, I am a little emotional right now (fark you hormones!!!) and look, I get it.  There was no way I wanted my parents at my hangout – NO WAY IN THE WORLD!  But I thought we would be able to get away with it for a while but no, I had overstayed.

So basically, we wrapped it up and left him to it.  He knew that I was a little upset but I was being cool and like I said, I get it man, he’s a teenager.  And then as we were walking home, it happened.  Both of our phones went off with a simple little message from the teen……


And just like that, the cracks start to heal.  I know we have done an awesome job with this human so I am going to own my own emotions and just ride this train out because no matter how many times in the next few years my heart breaks, I know that he loves me.

And maybe I should let him know this more often………


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2 Responses to That Moment.

  1. I tell my wife all the time that the day is going to come when our daughters look at us with disgust just because. I know it will crush me but they will come back. They always do. Great post.


    • It’s a killer for sure. My hubby said a little while ago he misses hanging out with the teen and I said nah, this new freedom for us is good….until today. You’re right, I know he’ll be back I guess it’s about cherishing the moments when he and I are not going crazy at each other!


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