The Great Job Hunt

Hey, doesn’t looking for a job suck balls!

In May last year, I decided that I would start-up my own Wedding Consulting Business.  Just a Facebook launch and see where it leads me.  I cut back at work, moved to a casual position and then…..well lost my shit.   OK not really but well I still needed to bring in the coin to feed the teenage beasts so since then, I’ve been doing all sorts of ‘fill in’ jobs (which to be clear, has kept me very happy).

During this time, I also thought I would put myself out there and apply for some jobs – again, those teenage beasts eat a lot so money was a motivational factor but I also wanted to work in my field to gain more experience (apparently staying at one place for 18 years doesn’t really work in your favour sometimes…). So, the process starts.

Find a job, apply online, wait for a call, interview – that’s how it goes right?  Remember like back in the day?  No no no…. the job market is fierce folks – it’s a bloody jungle out there!!  I’ve been applying, interviewing and then……..nothing!  People these days don’t seem to want to contact you!  I understand if you don’t even make it to the interview process you can successfully assume that you didn’t make the cut – look no dramas, but bloody hell, if you take the time to interview me – GET IN BLOODY CONTACT!!  I have even contacted these people after the interview, thanked them for their time, done follow-up phone calls and still NOTHING!!  Wankers!

And then, the doubt sets in.  The self-doubt.  I know I am experienced.  I know I could do some of the jobs with my eyes closed, why didn’t I get that job?  I have even been in interviews and known the exact moment that I lost the interviewer.  That sucks.  Walking away feeling defeated.  That sucks.  But as much as it sucks, and I feel like crap, I have taken something out of every interview that I have done and for that, I actually feel good.

So, there have been tears, self-doubt, depression, regret but you know what, I’m going to give it a crack.  I refuse to stay in a job that I am not happy with.  I refuse just to settle.  I refuse to give up my dream.  I know I am capable, experience and ready for it.  I know I will find the perfect work/life balance and however that beast looks, it will be of my own making.  So for all of the potential employers that didn’t get back in touch, suck it, you missed out and I’m moving on!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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  1. Roy says:

    Just read this post

    I really like the gif underneath 🙂


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