The Times Are A Changing…..Again….

So……a few thing’s have changed of late…..and by a few….I mean a lot.

Remember how last year I decided to launch a Wedding Consulting business – well try to anyway.  But then the teenagers need feeding so this was always going to be a part-time role – something that I knew I would be awesome at and something that I thought I wanted to do.  Well……….shiz has changed somewhat.  I’ve decided to pursue a different path.  Well actually, it’s something that I have always wanted to do.

So next month, I am turning 45 and I am going to study!  I am going to do a Diploma of Counselling.  I have just started the process so I will either start in May or September.  I will be a full-time working, studying Mother.  Yep, this may actually send me crazy……….

So here’s a quick catch up of what’s been happening.  I now have a full-time job as a Corporate Catering Coordinator for a catering company.  It’s Monday to Friday so the role suits me.  I am home each evenings and weekends so everyone is happy that I am here to ask every mundane question that they can think of – ie where are my socks, what’s for dinner, do we have milk…….sometimes I wish I was working nights again.  I have taken down my Wedding Consulting face book page and joined another online company called Younique selling natural beauty products (look out as I will be doing posts about that soon to).  The teens are being teens – up and down then up then down and they are getting hairier and smell weird….oh and the youngest teen has broken his foot….again….so he’s in a cast….yeah, not much had changed in the household.  The dog and cat still do not see eye to eye and everyday we come home to something being destroyed from the puppy – just your usual suburban family really.

So being that a few thing’s have been going on, this little blog has been a little rejected.  But now I think I have it down pat and I plan to do it all – and this little bloggidy blog shall be my place of escape again… thanks for hanging around folks!  And let’s chat soon!

Pop on over and check this out if you like:

And of course I will leave you with a little gem….



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