Generation Whine….

Today’s post bought to you by….

And here comes a rant……

I’ve worked and work with some awesome kids. Yes they’re kids because when they ask me how old I am and I tell them, they tell me, that’s the same age as my Parents. So yes, kids.  Hardworking, good kids.  Go Generation X!  Yes, we did make good!

And then there’s the whingers.  The sooks. The ones that are always tired because they have been doing so much at uni and it’s all too much and they want the money but whinge on shifts and complain they don’t get enough shifts then complain when they are asked to do more shifts and I’M SO TIRED…….  Hot tip…..SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I don’t give a flying fuck about your uni.  I give as much of a fuck about your uni as you do about my kids.  See, fuck all!  Don’t fucken whinge to me about being tired.  Kid, you don’t fucken know tired! And you want more work but you want shifts changed to suit your studies but stepping up isn’t your thing well just fuck right off!  When did we, the cool generation, start breeding pussies?  What the hell went wrong?  Does it start with the bubble wrapping when they are toddlers???? Why yes it does.  So stop that shit!  Stop with the bubble wrap because you are breeding pussies!

So now my rant is over, I hope you kiddies do something good with that Arts Degree.




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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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