No Guns Allowed!

On This Day…A post from 2013…

I went to a party recently as Lara Croft (yes I pictured Angelina Jolie in my mind to, sadly, the photos told a different story) and I wanted some guns for the costume – well do you think I could find some??

We have become so politically correct that guns are slowly going off the shelves.  You can buy Western guns and pretend you are a cowboy – because cowboys are the good guys right (hmm debatable isn’t it) and you can buy Viking swords and pirate swords, but not guns.

Gone are the days when you could buy things like toy grenades and kit yourself out in army gear, go all commando?  Now you just gotta throw rocks and use sticks – takes the game to a whole new level.  (Note: rocks and sticks ok, toy guns not – insert irony).  So you can’t buy toy guns, toy guns are bad but hey, check out those two whole isles of……. NERF GUNS!!!!  

NERF GUNS – completely ok because they shoot foam bullets – foam bullets folks, that’s ok!

Look at them:

And if you happen to stumble upon a Nerf War (which does happen in this crazy house), please find some useful tips courtesy of You Tube below:

So here’s how it is.  You can’t buy toy guns that don’t shoot anything, that you would need to use your imagination with and make up those crazy noises that all boys seem to be able to make up but you can get a Nerf Gun that shoots foam bullets like a semi-automatic gun…. STRAIGHT INTO YOUR EYE if you are not careful……hmmmm….. ironic aint’ it!

(Come on, it’s funny)


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