What’s in a Name?

On This Day…..A post from all the way back when this blog was just a wee baby….2012


OK so I’m going to need to reveal the names of Mr Cruisey, Moomoo and Monkeyboy.  They are Jurgen, Ryan and Will respectively.  So starts this blog.  As you can imagine, Jurgen got a bit of grief at school for his name – geez can you imagine?  So when deciding on names for the kids was a bit of a no brainer – OK to be honest, Jurgen didn’t really get a say in it.  Well come on, we all say that they get a say in it but how many of you out there really let him get away with it??

So Ryan was a name I always liked – apparently so did a few other people at the time of his birth because hello – there’s a few around!  Will was named after the brooding, tortured genius in Good Will Hunting.  Yeah I know you all thought it was after Will ‘gettin jiggy with it’ Smith – and you can than me later for putting that tune in your head (still signing it hey!)

So they are fairly simple names right?  Four letters, all good.  We call Ryan Moo Moo or Mooey – it’s a name he got from Aunty and it’s just kinda stuck.  It is starting to cause him a little embarrassment now so yelling it from the side lines must be carefully monitored.  Or anywhere in public for that matter – but of course we have free reign over this at his 18th and or 21st!

Will is another matter.  People ask ‘So what is Will short for?’  Well it’s not short for John now is it??  Will is short for Will.  Not William, not Willis, not Winston – although on refection, that is a cool name.  We do call Will Wilbur – ok alot – and people have assumed that that is his name – hey it is another cool name, is it not?  He has in the past told people this is his name and we do get some funny looks when we call him that.

So when thinking of name for you kids, just keep a couple of thing’s in mind.  Does it sound OK with an O or Y on the end – boys love to do this to names right?  Think Dano, Marco, Johno, Pauly, Danny, Richy – in retrospect, something I didn’t consider.  Naming kids after countries, towns or fruit is really just setting them up for grief.

So on the parental journey, names are something to be considered fairly early on in the piece – I mean they only have it for life right?


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One Response to What’s in a Name?

  1. Michelle (aka Sis) says:

    Moo Moo, Mooey, Wilbur, Baggins – it doesn’t matter what you name them really Aussies have to make it something else!!! Lucky even the nicknames are cool I reckon! xx


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