I Beg your Pardon?

On This Day…..A post from 2012!

In all of the chaotic noise that is our house/life, one thing I never get sick of hearing are the ‘thank you’s.  Every time one of the boys says thank you, I know I have actually done something right.  You see, manners are really important to me.  There is one thing Dad always said to me ‘Manners are fee’ and it’s a fact, so where the bloody hell have they gone?

Why is it now up to teachers and other carers to teach our kids manners – has society really become that slack?  Or is it someone else’s fault?  Imagine if we took responsibility?  Whoa man!

We have been complimented numerous times on our kids manner.  I’m pretty sure that the years of threats and blackmail have actually paid off.  From saying thank you to each other to knowing how to put your cutlery on your plate to indicate you have finished your meal, these thing’s are important.  Little do they know that girls will become something of a fascination to them in the not too distant future, so when the boys meet the folks, they need to impress them – good manners will do that.

Like everything else we do in life, we should lead by example.  When you eat like an animal in front of your young ones, you are showing them that this is acceptable.  Ones’ hands should be used to hold the utensils.  The utensils then pick up the food to put into ones’ mouth – strange concept for some.  When one has finished a meal, it is customary to lay ones’ cutlery side by side in the middle of the plate to indicate you have finished.  This should be followed with a ‘thank you’.   And whatever it is that you need to say could probably wait until you have swallowed!

I have the utmost respect for all teachers.  I think they are brave, amazing humans as they actually choose to be locked in a room with at least 25 kids, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week – honestly I take my hat off to you because 6 minutes with mine can do my head in – and  I know them!  If parents actually taught their kids a few thing’s at home – I know it’s a far out concept – teachers might actually be able to do their job a little easier.  Imagine if class time was actually used as quality teaching time instead of ‘Manners 101 – What Your Parents Should Be Teaching you At Home’.

OK so I could probably go on and on about this but I better wrap it up here lest I burst a blood vessel.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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