I Told My Kid To Steal…..

Yep, can’t sugar coat that.  I told my kid to steal.

OK, OK let me explain.  It’s been cold in Brisbane.  We’ve had a rough winter.  It’s been down to single digits!  I mean anything below 16 is hell freezing over cold in Brisbane and we know this because everyone tells you how cold it is, and they update their status telling us how cold it is……Yes it’s winter – it’s fucking cold, I don’t need to hear how cold it is…..sorry, back to the story….

So, cold, winter, the boys need to wear jumpers to school and the school is all about the uniform.  So far this winter, they have had countless uniform detentions because they have not worn the correct uniform because why, they lost their 80 fucking dollar jumper!  That’s right, their school jumpers cost 80 fucking dollars each!!!!! 80 fucking dollars!!!! Oh but wait, not only have they lost their school jumpers, they have even lost their own jumpers – what the actual?  As Mr Cruisey kept asking, ‘how do you lose your jumper?’  Quite bloody easily trust me.  The amount of times this happened in Primary School used to drive me up the wall but at least at Primary School, they could wear a similar coloured jumper and not get detention.  The amount of money we have spent over the years buying bloody school jumpers…..ridiculous!! So many kids must be walking around with jumpers that are not theirs. So here’s what I did………..

I told him that I didn’t give a rats arse who’s jumper he came home with, he needs to come home with a jumper.  I did say go and look for yours again however, DO NO WALK THROUGH THIS DOOR WITHOUT A JUMPER!  Yes I am aware of how bad that is but to be honest, I don’t actually feel bad about it.  I am pretty sure that we are not the only family with missing jumpers. Or shorts. Or shirts.

I am all for uniforms at school but the price of uniforms is bloody ludicris!!!! I could buy a kidney cheaper than kitting out both the boys in uniforms!  And look, we don’t care if they’re second hand or not but trust me, ain’t no second hand jumpers in the uniform shop!!!  Here’s a break down……

Jumpers                       80 fucking dollars

Formal Shorts            40 fucking dollars

Formal Shirt             40 fucking 2 dollars

Sports Shorts          30 fucking 5 dollars

Sports Shirt            30 fucking 5 dollars

TOTAL                        MORE THAN A FUCKING KIDNEY!!!!!!

So that’s why I told my kid to steal.



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