Eff Your Hormones!

So this morning, Moomoo ordered Hormones with a side of anger for bereakfast.  Awesome way to start the day, just awesome. Puberty sucks balls so bad!  He’s like ‘rah rah rah’ slam, ‘rah rah rah’ slam ‘why am I so angry rah rah’ Monkeyboy and I were ducking for cover because man, no one knows why you’re angry kid.

It’s so weird seeing all this go on and it’s hard to watch and put yourself back into those years. I can’t relate because I was such an angel……….bahahahaahahahaahah bullfuckingshit!  Man I was horrible at times – only at times I swear – and I remember all those weird feelings and just anger!  Of course I have mellowed over the years….oh wait….not entirely true.  So after the raging hormonal arsehole beast reared its ugly head this morning, I got a text saying sorry.  It’s really nice when I get those texts.

But alas, I thought that was the end of the raging hormonal beast but no, the mofo showed up this afternoon.  At first it kicked me and I was losing my shit at them for….well reasons unknown really but at least I can blame PMT right? And then just as I got the beast under control, the mofo came along and gave Monkeyboy a nudge!  And man, what a nudge it was!

Anger, yelling, tears – the works! It got him a doozy!  Fucking raging hormonal beast – loves spreading its shit everywhere! So anyway, how’s your house?




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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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