There’s No Milk…THERE’S NO MILK!!!

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Yep…..there’s no milk. There’s no milk……THERE’S NO MILK!!!!!!!!!!!

In the teenagers mind, this means exactly this……..

Why is there no milk?

How am I expected to have my cereal?

Why are you all against me?

What’s going to happen now?

The world is going to end because someone drank all the milk?

Why did you do this to me?

Why didn’t someone go and get milk?

Why did you not save me any – WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE???

Why would you do this – don’t you know I NEED MILK ?

You have just destroyed my day, why, why, WHY?

How will I go on?

You are all against me!

This is everyone else’s fault!

Why should I go to the shop?

What do you mean get on my bike and go to the shop?

Seriously, why would I go and get milk when EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD DO IT FOR ME!

 and finally……


Now there are exactly 2 reasons that there is no milk in the house:

Reason 1: – The 3 males in the house, had their heads firmly implanted up their butts that they didn’t bother to get milk


Reason 2: – I was at work, shit slipped through the system, the universe imploded  because I wasn’t on top of things and…….Mum was not home yesterday!

You work it out!

Image result for funny there's no milk pictures

(this is such a common universal problem, you can literally google it and find images…….Eff the life of teenagers…..poor things……)


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