Get Summer Ready….Re Post from 2012…Ain’t Nothing Changed…

Yes it’s that time again, time to get into shape for that bikini body that you want – all the ads are saying it so it must be fairly easy……

Yeah, I’ve been trying to do it for 10 years and have come to the conclusion that the bikini’s are a no go zone 10 years on – trust me.  I love getting on board though.  You see, I have these images of me that I realize, they are in my own little fantasy – damn you mirrors for your brutal honest truth!  I still refuse to believe that this is the way I should look and go all out to fix it.  But to be honest, I’m kind of all or nothing.

I am well some would say short, I say, slightly below average of height and I have always been small, right up until I hit the big 30 and popped out a couple a bonny babies – yeah huge buggers they were, 8 pound 2 and 8 pound 4 – gold.  So to prep my slight frame to endure carrying these monsters, I ate, and ate, and ate to the point that when I was pregnant, my favourite little Indian doctor said – there is no need to eat for 6! Noice!

Speaking of diets, take these for example:

Jenny Craig – well hasn’t Mel B done well, she now looks like a muscly man with huge boobs – improvement?

Weight Watchers – please stop changing your points system.  I understand you make money every time you change the system but have you not heard of the old ‘if it ain’t broke’ scenario

Light and easy – sweet, meals delivered to the door, for the low low price of $500000 per week – ah, no….

Body Trim – Geoff, you are an annoying idiot – enough said.

Trim Spa – Um Anna Nicole Smith – need one say anything more…

Atkins – meat, meat and more meat

So where do you start!!!  I’m a lifetime member of the elite Weight Watchers club, I play sport and go to the gym as well as walking and running in between so why do the scales hate me?  Oh that’s right, 80% food, 20% exercise, damn you 80%!!

So I am listening and getting Summer ready.  The pool is clean, the gas cylinder is full for the BBQ, the mozzie coils are stocked, backed up by sandal wood incense, the eskies are out and the beer is chilling – I think this is a better way to get Summer ready.


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