Beware of the Beast…Re Post from 2013….And it still goes on…..

Anyone else get Bat Shit Crazy the day prior?

Man, my poor little family…… The day started out with the usual amount of arguing, fighting and yelling. The morning chant…..

Have you had breakfast

Have you had a shower

Have you cleaned your teeth

Have you put deodorant on

Have you made your bed

Have you got your hat

Have you got your lunch

And the time keeps ticking on.  And then it’s my fault they will be late – ah hang on, how’s that my fault?  And then, and then…. peace……. and in kicks the headache.

This is right on track for the PMS Bitch Monster Symptons.  I look around, the house needs a vacuum and a mop, there’s washing to do but I think, fark that, I got all day to do it so I put on a movie, start to fall asleep so I crawl into bed.  I kinda feel guilty doing this but hey, I’m going to take the chance while I can.

Ah, feeling refreshed, I jump out of bed,  put my best smile on – oh hang on, I’m still dreaming…. Up I get, do the vacuuming and the mopping, washing, all the fun stuff right before the devils darlings rock on through the door.   And then it starts…….

Have you got homework – Yes – Can you start it please – Can I have something to eat – Yes, then start your homework – Righto, whatever – NO NOT WHATEVER JUST DO IT (Yes, may have over reacted there….)

Can I go to the shop – No you can’t go to the shop – Why not – Because I am not giving you money to go to the shop – I will use my own money – No you are not going to the shop – But it’s my money, why can’t I go to the shop – JUST GO TO THE BLOODY SHOP THEN (Yep, could’ve picked that battle better)

Can I go for a ride – Is your homework finished – Yes – Ok then you can go for a ride, check in at 5.00 – Why not 5.30 – Because I want you to check in at 5.00 – Dad lets us go until 5.30 – RIGHTO THEN GO FOR A RIDE, BE BACK AT 5.30 AND NOT A MINUTE LATER (Hmm another over reaction

Geez Mum, what’s the matter with you? – OH MY FARKING GOD………

By this stage, I am fuming – why??? Well here’s the kicker – I’m really not sure why this is giving me the shits so much.  I’m so mad that I feel anxious.  I hear what is coming out of my mouth and think who the hell is that Bat Shit Crazy Hormonal Bitch Beast – oh, I see who it is – it’s bloody me!!  Even Mr Cruisey pulls me up and has a word – of course I crack the shits with him, have a little cry, crack the shits again, storm off and then realize how much of an arse I can be .

So please tell me, does anyone else get Bat Shit Crazy sometimes or what?


Yeah, how much fun is this gonna be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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