How to Get Out The Door On Time – Repost Updated…..

This is a post from 2013.  These days, the boys sort themselves out as mostly, Mr Cruisey and I are at work so to be honest, I’m not sure what goes on until I come home to the bomb site that afternoon.  Anyway, I’m sure there’s folks that will relate…..enjoy 🙂


I just came across this article:

Give it a read……The author tells us how she prepares for school and gets out the door on time.  It’s so well written.  Even the tone made me feel nice and calm and I got a ‘sure thing, I can do that in my house’ kinda vibe, it all makes perfect sense.

Lets break down her advice:

1. Get homework and papers to sign ready 

2. Lay out clothes

3. Make lunch early

4. Stick to the routine

Righto, that’s what I have been doing wrong all these years?  Now peeps, let me show you what really happens:

1. Get homework and papers to sign ready: Yep, homework is always checked over every night.  As for the second part of this ‘get papers ready to sign’ huh – this is gold!  I could do this if I got the notices on time.  Sometimes I get scrunched up little notes that in a former life may have been a school notice, oops, no it was, I can see the school letterhead there somewhere.  If I asked if there are school notes, I get them – again, possibly a week late but hey, I guess at least I get them!

2. Lay out clothes: Lay out clothes, lay out clothes, now this just makes me laugh.  Being that the boys are 10 & 11, their clothes are ‘laid out’, their clothes sometimes stay ‘laid out’ for a day or so especially on the weekend when I am at work.  They ‘lay out their clothes’ on their bed, on their floor, in the bathroom – yeah, pretty sure that they got the wrong end of the stick on this one!  I am not going to ‘lay out clothes’ for them for the next day – this is something that they can do.  Moomoo can usually find his clothes ‘laying out’ in his cupboard not on a hanger as I ask him to do repeatedly but ‘laying out’ on the floor of said cupboard.  Monkeyboy can find his scrunched up in his drawer after I carefully fold them and give them to him to put away.  No, there is no ‘laying out of the clothes’ by me in this house.

3. Make lunch early: When I get up in the morning, nothing shall stop me getting caffeine into the system – nothing!  My next mission is to start the lunches (ok after I check Facebook and twitter and some days, like today, squeeze in a blog).  The boys are old enough to do this (Dawn, did you ever make lunches for us??) however, to save them having ripped to shreds, excessive butter sandwiches, I will make these for them and they do the rest.  I do check what they have in their lunch box however, sometimes this is as they are going out the door and I am getting more caffeine on board.  So try as I may, sometimes social media does get in my way of making lunches early….

4. Stick to the routine: Hmm, don’t even know where to go with this one because I see no where in here the time for the arguing, the yelling and the fighting.  These can happen at random moments between them, us, them vs me, one vs me – it’s pretty well up in the air but always on the cards.  This should be in the routine somewhere because it is bound to happen.  These little scenarios take up time too.  So much so that it can make them late – my fault of course and mostly because – here’s the kicker…..

They can’t find their homework

Then need some notes signed

They can’t find their hat, shirt, shorts, swimming bag….

They haven’t made their lunch


And the article finishes with:   What’s your secret to a smooth exit from the house? Hmmmm, when I find the key, I will let you know!


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