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What is this thing called Outside Play?

Queensland State Government to re-teach kids how to play via Nature Play education program I will just give you a minute to digest that………… Did I hear a WTF there? Re-Teach kids how to play…… Our kids live in bubble … Continue reading

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Diet – The Other Four Letter Word…

SSSooooo much talk about diets isn’t there. It’s enough to make you feel even more insecure.  I’ll admit, I struggle to lose the last 5kg – I still call it baby fat but to be honest, I don’t bum myself … Continue reading

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You Can Doooo It!

Here’s what happens to me, At The Gym I like the gym.  I’ve decided to do lots of classes this year.  In the past, I start doing programs, go hard and then cheat – yeah I know, I’m only cheating … Continue reading

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